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Sahan Construction is about client satisfaction and a promise to build your dreams.

With over 10 years of experience, we are committed to paying attention to every detail and building it right the first time. A contractor’s work is his most valuable asset. The quality of our work and craftsmanship are a reflection of our values. Sahan Construction is a company that builds and constructs your projects with passion. It’s a result of the belief that good construction requires a transparent process, professional management, and superior service delivered on time and within budget.

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Adrian Sahan – Founder

Watching building shows at a young age Adrian always knew what he wanted to do with his life. It only seemed natural to pursue a career in construction. Adrian started working in the construction field ten short years ago and knows that there won’t be a second chance to make a long lasting impression. This is why he will ‘build it right’ the first time, pay attention to every detail as if it were his own and make sure you are more than ecstatic when he leaves your home. Construction is his passion. The only thing that fuels his passion is knowing that the countless hours he has put into your project has given you and your family countless years of enjoyment. It’s simple, do it right the first time! 

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Kitchen Renovations

When we think of kitchens, what are the first thoughts that come into our heads? Family, cooking, entertaining. This is the room that everybody gravitates to, the heartbeat of the home. So let’s make it warm, inviting and full of your personal flavours. Whether you like granite, wood, stainless steel or a natural look, we can help you with your choices and make it a place for the entire family to gather!

In order for your kitchen to best suit you and the ones you love, your first step should be to make a list of your top priorities. If it’s a granite countertop, heated floor or stainless-steel appliances, we will be there to ensure your kitchen meets all your needs. We will help you with selecting every detail so your kitchen renovation will be a dream come true.

Bathroom Renovations

Whether you’re taking a warm bath or a refreshing shower, your bathroom is your oasis. A room where you can truly have a spa within your own home to relax and pamper yourself. The bathroom is the one room where you get the chance to really spoil yourself.

Everyone has a vision. Everyone has spent countless hours daydreaming of their perfect bathroom and its luxurious features. We will help you through every process of making your bathroom a dream come true. Whatever your vision is, Sahan Construction will transform it into reality.

Home Renovations

Living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and master suites—these are the places we go to relax, unwind, and enjoy time with family and friends. Transforming a room can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or installing new flooring. Tired of that dark living room or need a brighter kitchen? Install larger windows or a sliding door onto your new deck. Full bathroom renovations are a must in the life of any home, if it’s that old 70’s bathroom, or the bathroom in the basement that has never been used before. Time to renovate and take full advantage of the space you have; install modern tiles and fixtures in the bathroom that will be welcoming for all your guests.

Whatever your vision may be, we can plan a space that will be perfect for you!

Everything from: bedrooms, basements, living rooms, dining rooms, hardwood flooring, tiling, windows and door.

Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F)

Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F) are the future of building! Energy Efficiency The expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels used in Amvic ICF provide an insulation R-value of 20. When this is combined with concrete thermal mass, temperature fluctuations inside the home are minimized considerably. This highly effective combination greatly reduces the amount of energy required for heating and cooling. When used in conjunction with other high-quality systems such as windows and roofing, homeowners have historically experienced an average of approximately 30-50% savings on heating and air conditioning costs annually. In addition, drafts and hot and cold spots are virtually eliminated and a room’s temperature remains consistent, providing exceptional comfort.

Lasting Value Over time, Amvic ICF homes become stronger, sturdier and require much less repair and maintenance than conventionally built homes. As a result, they retain their value for a longer period of time. Amvic ICF homes are built to last and get stronger every day.

A list of reasons to make your next build with I.C.F.:

  • Financial Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Fire Resistant
  • Wind Resistant
  • Insect Resistant
  • Save Trees
  • Superior Structure
  • Superior Insulation

For more information about this product, please visit

Every I.C.F project that we have completed, clients cannot stop raving about the product and how it has reduced their costs. We recommend this product for everyone wanting a house that will last a lifetime.

*Information courtesy of Amvic Systems

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring will immediately transform a room. Whether you choose Oak, Bamboo or Laminate, we install them all with precision.

We recommend Canadian hardwood. Wood that has been cut, manufactured and processed in Canada. Typically, Canadian hardwood is a little bit more expensive, but its finish will stand the test of time. The wood is very uniform in appearance. Over time you will notice the difference in quality. Our recommendation is to spend a little bit more money up front rather than spending it down the road on repairs.

Custom Framing

We specialize in:

  • Wood Framing
  • Basement Framing
  • Removing or building new walls

Your backyard is your escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world. Whether you want to build a brand new deck or fix and spruce up the one you already have, Sahan Construction will turn your vision into reality. Within days your backyard will be turned into your new favourite outdoor space to entertain your guests in the summer or unwind by yourself with a glass of wine.