Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F)

Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F) are the future of building!

Energy Efficiency
The expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels used in Amvic ICF provide an insulation R-value of 20. When this is combined with concrete thermal mass, temperature fluctuations inside the home are minimized considerably. This highly effective combination greatly reduces the amount of energy required for heating and cooling. When used in conjunction with with other high-quality systems such as windows and roofing, homeowners have historically experienced an average of approximately 30-50% savings on heating and air conditioning costs annually. In addition, drafts and hot and cold spots are virtually eliminated and a room’s temperature remains consistent, providing exceptional comfort.

Lasting Value
Over time, Amvic ICF homes become stronger, sturdier and require much less repair and maintenance than conventionally built homes. As a result, they retain their value for a longer period of time. Amvic ICF homes are built to last and get stronger every day.

A list of reasons to make your next build with I.C.F.

  • Financial Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Fire Resistant
  • Wind Resistant
  • Insect Resistant
  • Save Trees
  • Superior Structure
  • Superior Insulation
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Every I.C.F project that we have completed, clients can not stop raving about the product and how it has reduced their costs.
We recommend this product for everyone wanting a house that will last a life time.
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*Information courtesy of Amvic Systems