Company Profile

A contractor’s work is his most valuable asset. Not only that, but the quality of work and craftsmanship are a reflection of values. Sahan Construction is a company that builds and constructs your projects with passion. It’s a result of the belief that good construction requires a transparent process, professional management, and superior service delivered on time and on a budget.

Sahan Construction is about client satisfaction and a promise to build your dreams.

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Adrian Sahan – Founder

Watching building shows at a young age Adrian always knew what he wanted to do with his life. It only seemed natural to pursue a career in construction. Adrian started working in the construction field ten short years ago and knows that there won’t be a second chance to make a long lasting impression. This is why he will ‘build it right’ the first time, pay attention to every detail as if it were his own and make sure you are more than ecstatic when he leaves your home. Construction is his passion. The only thing that fuels his passion is knowing that the countless hours he has put into your project has given you and your family countless years of enjoyment. It’s simple, do it right the first time!