Custom Homes

You have finally decided, "this is it". It's your time, your chance to finally get want you want. So, re-invent, customize, make that impression. Fulfill your dreams.

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When we think of kitchens, what is the first thought that comes into our head? Family, cooking, entertaining. This is the room that everybody gravitates to, the heartbeat of the home. So make it warm, inviting, full of your personal flavours. Whether you like granite, wood, stainless steel or a natural look, we can help you with your choices and make it incredible.


A warm bath, a stimulating shower, your bathroom is your oasis. A room where you can truly have a spa within your own home and just relax and pamper yourself.

Living Spaces

Every room has a pulse that draws you in some way. Reading, watching a great movie, or just falling asleep listening to the rain outside. The possibilities are endless!

Renovation Details

The hallmark of any great renovation is in the details – those small, yet beautiful aspects that sometimes get overshadowed by the grand scheme of a finished project.

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Welcome to "SAHAN CONSTRUCTION", a company that caters to your every detail. Creative, stylish, unique or traditional is yours for the asking.

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Sahan Constructions offers a wide variety of contracting services including energy efficient solutions which save you money for your new home or renovation project.


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If you have any questions and are looking for a free, non-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more information for what type of solutions are possible for your home or renovation projects.